Thursday, November 18, 2010

Genius: The Sad Bookshelf

"And the Flowers are Still Standing!!" How to Do the Tablecloth Trick, Plus Good Advice for Parents: Get Your Kids Excited About Science

In case any of your guests tomorrow want to go for it.  Via, an amazing site with all kinds of cool experiments to get your kids excited about science.  I added one of my favorite Steve Spangler videos: the Cornstarch Walk, the most fun a kid can have learning about non-Newtonian fluid.

Browse the site for ideas for fun things you can do at home.  Science is fun.  Many of the experiments on the site are goo- and/or ooze-related, and what's more fun than that?

My five-year-old goddaughter is crazy about math and science... though not as much as she is about Ariel and Ghostbusters.  She loves learning about the elements, anatomy, astronomy (her favorite planet is Saturn), and many more subjects, and has been that way since she was two-years-old.